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Speckle is getting SO big!

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Simon is so comfy!

cute bum!
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Aww, they are adorable!!

LOL, I love Simon's flop! That's how my dog always lays down, with his little back feet sticking out!
omg so cute!!! Speckle must be rex mix is she not?? HEr ears are soo large! And I'm dying at her beautiful chinchilla coat! What a pretty bunny! Simon's adorabubbles as well :)
My best bet is that she's some kind of Rex mix, but.. I'm not sure, she's a mystery, I notice that females seem to be more muscle-ly? Simon is all fluffy and chunky.. and she's more.. I dunno.
It's possibly due to her breed (s). My litttle rexy was a fat chub. Acacia is slim, ideal but when I hold her I wouldn't say she's muscelly. Hmm, I don't know.
they are both gorgeous bunnies! They looks so cute together! Has speckle reached her full size?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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