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Stanley and Russell are 27 months old today!

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My grumpy old men! :lol:

If they'll let me, I'll try to get some pictures or video later. Right now they're cuddling in their castle house for their morning nap. They started off the day with a good breakfast, and I made them a fort in their playpen with their favorite orange towel. :) Then Stanley decided it was time for a nap, and--of course--Russell decided he would torment Stanley. So, amid squeaking, I had to remind them to be respectful of each other's space, for Russell to be nice to his brother, and for Stanley to share the castle with Russ.

In other words, same old, same old! :lol:
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Aww, Breyer, I was JUST thinking about my nephews the other day, knowing that the 22nd of the month was coming and of course that birthday is imprinted on my mind forever, since our boys shared a birthday with Russ and Stan. :)

(Jimmie, did you know that? Wolfgang, Klausse, Stanley and Russell were ALL born on the exact same day, July 22nd, same year!)

Send a very big Happy Birthday wish to my sweet Russ and Stan, from Auntie Vlad, okay? We love you guys! Happy Birthday to you both!! Hooray!
Your birthday morning sounds like it is off to a nice start! Enjoy your special day!
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Thanks, everybody! :D I just had to go remind them to behave themselves again, since Stanley was trying to hog the fort and towel all to himself! They had a good day, and I did manage to get a few photos, but I'll have to upload them later. :)
Ha ha, Stanley hogging the towel and fort and bickering with his brother...sounds like all is normal at Casa de Russell y Stanley! Looking forward to pictures and video!!
Ha ha, Stanley hogging the towel and fort and bickering with his brother...sounds like all is normal at Casa de Russell y Stanley! Looking forward to pictures and video!!
Waiting for the photos of the grumps...Happy Birthday Boys!!!
Okay, here is some photospam of the birthday boys!

Russell in his digging tub:

Eating a cheerio in "his" favorite sweater:

Eating birthday dinner (Russ kept his back to Stan because he knew Stanley would steal his food otherwise!):

Stanley eating a pea:

Russell taking over:

Stanley comes back in for more:

And the result of their fort: Russell dragged as much of the towel as he could into their box nest, and this morning (when this photo was taken) he actually kept Stanley from entering! (What a change! haha!) So, poor Stanley took a nap outside the fort. hehehehe

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Awwwww what lovely boys!!1 Smart smart Russell!
Ha, I was wondering, "Where are the birthday photos?" and I was not alerted in my inbox that you had posted these on Sunday! I am glad I decided to check the post! Great pics!! My sweet boys...well I guess they are everyone's sweet boys on this forum eh! They are always sooooo cute in their pictures. I loves em!
Happy Birthday sweetie pies!!
Thanks you guys! :hugg2: Since I've been commuting to work each week (spending three days out of town every week), I've been spending as much time with them as possible on the days that I'm at home. They are still up to their usual shenanigans! And every week when I come home, I'm always greeted to incredibly enthusiastic grooming and bruxing sessions. :heart: (ETA: Their daddy--my husband--is always home with them when I'm not there, but apparently he doesn't give do things the "perfect" way. :lol: One morning, for instance, he forgot to give them their pasta spiral for breakfast, and they were begging him all day long. When he finally figured out, that evening, that he'd forgotten their pasta, he quickly went and got it for them, and both of them GRABBED it out of his fingers! hahaha)
Ha ha Breyer, that is so cute! Rats love their routines and yes, they get so used to having things done a certain way. So I can see how they were probably thinking all day, "DAD! Where is our spiral pasta?? C'mon, get with the program!" Hee hee. Poor babies...going all day without their pasta breakfast! Our boys were the same way. I did ALL of the special things that they love. Dad did all the play sessions (while I took the opportunity to do their daily house cleaning and primping) but I was in charge of doing all their food and treats and blankets, etc, JUST SO. If I had been gone for a week and Marc had been in charge of them, they probably would have performed a mutiny on him and beat him up for not doing things exactly the right way. Ha ha , just kidding. They loved Daddy.
@Talamos: Thank you! :hugg2:

@Vlad: Haha! Glad to know I'm not the only one! I think we moms just have a certain way of doing things that the furry babies get used to, and they'll let us--and everyone else!--know if anything goes off their routine! :lol:
Yep, agreed 100 percent Breyer! :D
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