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If you were at the point of paying for a pet(say kitten or puppy) on Facebook or a website on Google, and you knew a service that could help you verify if your seller was a legit breeder or scam? Would you be willing to pay $30 to $50 for such a service? or howmuch would you be willing to pay?

I live in a town where more than half of guys my age are active scammers. It is a normal thing and the police tolerate it because they get a share of the cake too.
infact, 1 in every 3guys I meet and speak to everyday is a scammer.

I know everything about how they carry out their scams and it would take me at most a minute to recognize a pet scam profile or website.

I want to build a business/service that helps people wanting to buy pets on the internet not fall in the hands of scammers. Do you think this is a service that would be useful? would it be solving a real problem? I just want to make sure people would actually use it before putting my time and money into it.
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