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Spring just started, and we got the opportunity to visit a friend's facility and meet his very own foxes.

I obviously took the chance to grab my DSLR camera and snap some more professional pictures of them (usually, I use my Iphone) and I must say that this time, I'm pretty happy with the pictures I got of his beauties.

Since I had my camera in hand, I thought I'd take some pictures of our own foxes too. My favorite pictures are those of Vixey, the Arctic fox. She was quite the photogenic little girl. We are actually expecting kits this summer 2013 from this beautiful little girl too!

The grey and white fox is called a Platinum, while the chocolate brown is called a Cinnamon fox.

I'm getting a kit this spring/summer 2013 like those blue-eyed extra pale pink/yellow foxes (called Champagne foxes) from my friend's place.

Here come the pictures. :)


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