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Not sure how many animal lovers on here are also hunters like myself. So I thought I might tell ya'll bout a trick I figured out. It started w a Stetson that smelt like a camp a burnt wet log in a campfire. I tried everything to save my high dollar hat...but it was ruined. Or was it? So I grabbed a bottle of febreeze!
Well that did nothing. But it got me thinkin...then I grabbed a bottle of Dead Down Wind. This is a cover spray... You spray it on you before you go hunt to hide your human scent. To a human nose it smells! So i sprayed it on my hat...waited 2 mins and sprayed it again...I could only smell a micron of campfire...where minutes before it could stink up a whole room...And it stayed smelling amazingly like nothing since then.
I would spray it where ever you have a problem smell. And they make shampoo, condish, soap and wipes too.
If your dog ever runs into a skunk give him a bath with this cover scent shampoo.
Any brand of cover scent will work...dead down wind, primos, scent killer.:eek:ldandwis spray more scrub less:approve:
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