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Stray Cat

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Hi everyone,
Im seeking an opinion as to what I should do with my current situation.

I have an indoor cat named Cecilia, she is a small calico stray that i found last summer. My boyfriend and I were walking up to my apartment after going for dinner last night, and heard some meowing. A REALLY tiny calico female came trotting up to me, she was pretty friendly so i assumed she had a home. As soon as i saw her up close, I decided she is either a stray or she is very neglected. She is FAR too thin, you can feel her spine as soon as you touch her, her fur is mangy and it looks like she has a bit of diarreah on her back legs. She seems very sweet, ive been leaving some food on the porch for her and she eats it so quickly its like she hasnt eaten in days.
Im not sure what to do, CiCi and her were meowing and hissing at one another through my screen door, I dont know if I should take her to the vet or what. I dont know if the cat is ill or not, or just malnourished.
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update: i was petting her and she rolled onto her back. her stomach is sagging and her teats are all big looking- it looks like she might have just had kittens. some of them feel hard and lumpy, i am guessing there is an infection.
Sounds like it could be mastitis, which is common in breastfeeding, if feedings are missed or there's longer intervals between them. She may still be producing, or recently was, but her kittens have died, which seems likely, if she's as scrawny and ill-looking as you say. But mastitis is dangerous for the mother. You could take her to the vet, get confirmation on what it is, give her medication for it, and release her back outside in case she has any surviving kittens, and just keep giving her the medicine when she comes back to you.
Took her to the vet this A.M, turned out its not mastitis, but either the kittens have died or are almost weaned off? She is very underweight. In case she does have kittens, ill be leaving her outside for another week or so, but i dont think she has any. She hasnt really moved from my porch and around my house since I fed her. The vet gave her dewormer, flea treatment and some stuff for her diarhea, so all is looking good. What my concern is, is that she may get pregnant again before i bring her indoors. Its risky, not knowing if she has kittens or not, therefore leaving her outside, where she may also get pregnant again.
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