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E Deluxe won't posting

Hi , I'm getting ready to give up my home-built desktop that provided me faithfully for years. I am just running the 1023 Bios, and have had some issues lately of which replacing the battery seemed to mend. Now, I'm stuck, although, and love suggestions for a little something I might try before hurling it (HDs all seem superior).

Symptom is the board will likely not post (HD light stops, so pretty sure it's not just the recording like other posters). I have re-replaced the battery, if I reset the actual Cmos, it will post the first time, nevertheless after changing the options and hitting F10, it once again fails to post. I'd imagined maybe the bios was corrupt, striking the F2 (restore default settings and continue) in the hope it might boot to my floppy with the bios on it, but it however just put me within the bios, and I can't ever get past the item. I was overclocking a bit (from 3.Several.4), but am currently just trying native options. My old power supply past away a few months ago, and this new one (550 watt) should have plenty of juice.

An added info that might help you Sherlock Holmes' on the market - sometimes it will posting after hitting the reset button but not the power switch north face fleece. By no means get a post after F10 however.

I have a newer laptop (are a dj) and I'm able to buy another desktop, although have 4 HDs full of details on there that I'd love to access, so I can set the latest desktop up in a more relaxing and organized fashion.
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