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I have a Westie terrier, and he does this thing where he gathers up the blankets, and he'll like place his mouth around the blanket bundle, and idk if he sucks on the blanket, or if he just chews on it.

If you have a Westie does he do this?

I'm just curious.
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I don't have a Westie but I have a Papillon and he does something very similar.

He has this one toy, a stuffed dog that he's had since he was a puppy, and he sucks on it's face. It's kind of strange. :crylaugh: He does it a lot right before bed time or while he's relaxing/laying down.

I asked a few people about it before and apparently it's not all that uncommon of a habit for dogs to have. I dunno, but there doesn't seem to be any harm in it so we just let him do it.
How old was he when he was taken from mom?? he may just have a nursing instinct still.. but yea its not that uncommon.
Yeah sounds like he was taken away from mom too soon. Not a westie thing lol
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