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sudden extreme anger and aggression

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I was outside with my cat and dog when all the sudden I saw my cat running,I thought she was after a bird and when I ran to see where she was she began hissing and growling at me.She acted as if she is afraid of me but I have never raised a hand or have had to scold her for anything. She will usually come inside when I call her and is the sweetest cat I have ever known.
After she finally came in she fought with the other cat and the dog and urinated while doing so. I still cant go near here and shes been hiding in the basement for the last 8 hours.
Im afraid she will scratch my face off during the night or severely injure one of the other animals.
Did she maybe get stung by a bee or did she turn wild, im very worried for her but I cant get close enough to know if she is ok.What on earth happened and will she ever calm down again?
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That does NOT sound good. I'm not sure what to make of it but usually they don't just turn wild. If she's still like that after so many hours have passed I doubt it's just a bee sting. I would separate her from the others for their safety and hers and call the vet tomorrow. I'm not sure what else to suggest but I hope everything works out! Before this happened did you notice any bites on her or scratches? I've never had any experience with rabies but that would be my concern. Not to worry you but that's my first thought. GOOD LUCK!
Rabies won't happen quite that fast. So i wouldn't be too concerned about that.

My guess something scared your cat to the point of panic. You might not know what it was ever, she could have been stung, or she could have heard a noise that scared her so hopefully in a few hours she will come back to normal.
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