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Sugar glider Diet and Bonding advice needed please...

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Hey, i am new to sugar gliders and have purchased a pair of them. They seem to be taking to me not to bad, the male is a little nippy and likes to explore, the female seems to stay close and loves affection and has never bit. I dont have a bonding pouch yet but they seem to really like my pants/shorts pocket. Is this an acceptable way to bond or should i really try and get a pouch sooner? Also the previous owner was feeding them a horrible diet. basically just baby foods and nuts, as well as fruits and vegtables. looked into the baby foods and one of them has stuff in it they shouldnt have, so i have made a batch of BML, feed them fruits and veggies, and have got them eating meal worms and crickets. so far it doesnt look like they are eating any or very little of the BML and even the fruits and veggies. I have tried to make the fruits and veggies a bit more interesting for them to eat such as hanging them on strings but what about the BML? how long should i keep trying it on them before i have to switch to something else? and what else should i try switching too. dont want to order a bunch of stuff and have it go to waste. Any advice is welcome and appreciated. I am also in Ontario Canada so anyone in the area is encouraged to contact me and possible get together if you wish.

Thanks in advance,
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