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Sugar glider joey 's death

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My baby glider died after about 24 hours at his new home. He was just over 8 weeks old. He had no problems at my house. He was handled a lot by myself and my family. Why would this have happened? There was no idication of a problem. I am devastated.
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I moved your thread to the sugar glider section.

I'm so sorry you lost your baby. It's hard even to guess why these things happen, especially over the internet, but if you give us some more information someone may be able to offer some advice.

I'm not quite clear - do you mean you sold/gave the glider to someone else and he died in their care, or you got him and he died 24 hours after you got him?

If the baby hasn't been buried or anything yet, you should be able to get a necropsy done by a experienced glider vet. That way at least you'd have a better idea of what happened.

I'm sorry again.

I gave it to somone else and it died in his care. Yes we still have it.
Do you know how the new person was caring for it? If the joey was healthy when it left your care, I'd guess maybe something happened to it while it was under the new person's care.

Just in case, I'd have a necropsy done. Especially if you have other gliders, to make sure the baby didn't die of anything that could have been transmitted to the others.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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