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Sugar Glider needs home with companion

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I just recently got a sweet baby sugar glider. He is wonderful and I love him but it has been pointed out to me that he needs a companion. I cannot afford another glider but would love to give him to a home who will love and care for him with company. He is starting to get depressed and I do not want him to be unhealthy. Please someone let me know!
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Aw I'm sorry you have to give him up. It's good that you are looking for a home that will be able to provide a companion for him though - it really is very important for gliders to live with other glider buddies.

It would help a lot in trying to find him a new home if you could let us know your general location, though. People on this forum come from all different countries & I'm sure someone considering taking in your glider would like to know if they even live close enough to you to help out.
Ha thanks! I am located in Gainesville, Florida. But I am willing to meet somewhere if needed.
hi my name is lala i am intrested in adopting your sugar glider and you can call me at 813-298-6796
I'm sorry to hear you can't keep you sugar glider. I've had them in the past and I can say from experience that these guys really do so much better with companions because they are such social creatures. I'm glad you've decided to put your sugar glider first, like any great pet parent should do :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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