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'Sup, People?

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I'm Caveman. I'm new here, but it looks like a nice place, hoping I can get some great ideas here. I have a male mouse that I believe is albino (though that seems to be common), his name's Titan. Titan's a timid little guy, like most mice, but seems to be getting pretty used to me; he walks on my hand a bit, but then dashes off into his little burrow.
As for me, I'm a bit... different. (Among the nicer adjectives attributed to me...:D) But I consider myself, for the most part, a good person, and I look forward to discussing stuff with you guys. :wave:
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Different isn't bad. I say I'm insane. Granted I live in an asylum for pets. I hope you like it here. Be sure to check out the link on the bottom of my siggy too. Hope you like it here. Be sure to post pictures!
welcome to pt hope you enjoy your stay also if you want you could check out lots of fun things to do there as well.
Thanks folks, I'll have to check out that Beast Boards thing.

...A buffalo? That's awesome. Never seen a buffalo. :) Except that it's mean. I can see that becoming a problem quickly... XP
She protects the calves and usually it's leave her alone she'll leave you alone. But I won't turn my back on her if I can help it! It's a mutual respect thing
Good for you. From what I can tell, dealing with larger animals seems to typically involve showing them who's boss.
...Not with mice though, I know that much. They just get scared. :)
Yeah. I just pray she keeps thinking I know something she doesn't...All I know is I'm bluffing!

Mice are adorable though. You never really have to worry about injuries with them though. Worst I've ever had with small animals is one heck of a bite! Those teeth are killers lol
Yeah, lol, happened to me just yesterday. Apparently my finger looked pretty tasty at the time... XD
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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