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We have a very sweet bunny named "Bunny" that will need a new home in the next few months.

He is 6 years old, in excellent health (had a full check at the vet 3 months ago), has had all of his shots and is neutered.

He is a house bunny which means he has never lived in a cage, and is very good about adapting to new spaces. He rarely chews anything anymore, and is fully litter trained!

As an angora/jersey wooley, he is prone to matting and would need an owner who is willing to carefully groom him as needed, using electric groomers or scissors (carefully!!), since brushing will not get these mats out. We will show you our technique, which really works best with two people.

We are moving to Australia in August and are very sad that he cannot come with us. He is a wonderfully sweet animal who loves being pet and cuddled and is incredibly affectionate. He lives well with other bunnies (but watch out - he is a very loving rabbit and will likely get attached!) and has many funny quirks...
We would like to arrange a meeting first to make sure he is going to a good home. He will come with all his belongings - hay, pellets, litterbox, brushes, nail clippers and a few treats and toys.
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