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Sydney won't eat his dog food!!!!!

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I got the dog food that the breeder told me to get. And he won't eat it. I tried putting chicken (cooked) into it, and he just picked it out. Whenever he got a piece of dog food he just spit it out. he won't eat the dog food. I know that it ain't that his teeth are bad because he eats milk bones as treats, and they aren't soft, so any ideas?
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Coco refuses food sometimes or picks out the treats (chicken you added) because he's being fussy and trying to get HIS way. If it was up to him, there would only be people food in his bowl and never doggie food. Leave it there until he eats it, no treats besides. When you catch him eating, praise. Im pretty sure he's not picly so much as testing dominance...Just wait and see .. Good luck!
place food down for 20 mins, if he's not eaten it by then take it up and give it again at the next fed time in the evening, depending on the age of your dog,

how old is the dog, please, what food are you giving him, that the breeder recommends

if you are giving in to him and giving him cook human food he will never learn to eat dog food.

Dogs are crafty and try it on with us humans, we just have to be a bit firmer with them, and him missing the odd meal won't hurt him until he realisese that he has to eat what is put him
Well he finally ate last night. I was just panicking because he would go over there and turn his nose up in the air (almost literally) and walk away.O h I did praise him, and then after he was done eatting he got a whole cookie. I normally break them up into pieces for when I am training him.
i have taken to having strangers give him cookies if they want to pet him. Just so that Sydney knows they won't hurt him.
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