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Taco Pictures

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Hey Janelle, heres some more pictures of Taco... and one of Chip "using" his wheel. haha. Taco's coat has changed sooo much, its amazing. You can also see his beige eyes that are very red in some pictures. I love his eyes :) Sorry the pictures are so big.

Taco hiding in his tube

Taco getting into trouble..... i snapped the picture and took the bag away before he actually chewed anything off of it. His eyes actually do look like this when the light catches them right

Dusting my i pod.... i hear it makes it work better ;-)

Found a new favorite chew toy... my brand new glasses......That one was taken away fast haha.

And finally, when Chip isnt running in his wheel, it also doubles as a wonderful place to hide..... this is all he did with it for the first week it was in his cage. He seems to be quite the fan of running now too. :)
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taco is beautiful, such dark brown my brown/beige boy is dark on some spots but not like that. I have to boys and still have not figured out any names for either one, lol
They are so cute!!! Taco is beautiful.
very cute pics
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