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Taking Care of Your Oldie - Galileo

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Galileo has been here for a long time now, 13 months plus and arrived as an older boy. He lost his brother months ago, and he is living with a younger group, sickly 19 mo old Rufus, and 15 mo old Loki who was my first ovarietomy spay girl. He is a lovely old boy of 34 months of age, with HED, but no lumpies, respiratory issues and in good body condition. he's incredibly sweet and he and I have a routine :)

First we check for penis plugs...ick, but got to be done, he's very gentlemanly about this. *giggle*

Lets get this over with okay?

Then we rub ears and get smooshy faces and grateful licking of whatever is in front of him LOL

Then its time to do body scratching where his little leg scratches like a dog, and he curls around to lick my hand :D

and finally body strokes....ahhhh this is the Life. :heart: :heart:

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Ahh, what a nice routine of scritches and body rubs and general snuggly activities for Galileo. He looks like a content and happy old gentleman! So handsome and sweet faced too. So wonderful to see an elderly rat enjoying his time and getting it should be! :thumbsup:
Hah, he's adorable. Look how poofy squishy he is!
I know...he is just adorable. Such a sweetheart! I want to scritch and rub him too. What a handsome boy!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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