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taking rabbit photos

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I am going to take two of my rabbits to a photo shoot. Some of the pictures will include children. Any tips on how I can get the rabbits to sit still?
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good luck on the photo shoot, rabbits are very free spirited so getting them to sit still might be a little harder :p
Food :lol:.

Carrots with the greens still attached will look cute in the photos while keeping the rabbits busy. If you want the food to be less noticeable, go for oats.

Having the children pet the rabbits on the head might get them to stay still for a minute. My rabbits always lie down for a bit when being pet.
Oh, good luck!! I have opposing raabits, Acacia stays still if she's listening and Akina would only stay still as long as you were touching her or if there was food. Try them out and see what you get! lol Also, be very interested in seeing them !
LOL, good luck! And yeah, food... Lots of it. :p Smudge will do just about anything for a papaya treat. The only other way I can get him to stay still is wrapping him in a towel, or he practically melts if I hold him a certain way.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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