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terrible eating problems- please help!

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My female "teenager"ACF eats at least TWO TO THREE times faster than my teen male. It's coming to be a problem with dinner! D will be on her 4th worm while Haus is barely on his first. He's not getting as much as his sister even when we are patient and he's not as big as her.

What do I do?! Any ideas about this or anything pertaining to it?

P.S. Does anyone else feed worms to their ACF's?
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worms are a good food for them ... .He may not like them and he may need to be seperated during feeding time so he can take his time to eat. Also i believe females are generally larger anyway :) as long as he seems healthy it should be ok just try different foods with him
Separate them or hand-feed them. A lot of people with multiple frogs have to do that, it's no big deal :).
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