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Well my mom went for her surgery on december 1st at 10:10 that morning. We went to my parents house at about noon to take care of our dog harley(he is staying with my mom until we can find a place that allows two dogs) and specky. We didnt hear anything from my parents until i saw my dads car pull up into the drive way(It was at about 7pm) since my mom wasnt feeling very well after the surgery(it took 2-3 hours) and my mom was in recovery from 2pm-6pm. I thought it was going to be worse than it was. My mom was wearing a lose fitting toque so that nobody would see her head(she did take it off once she was in the house though i know she didnt want too but we are family so it wouldnt have mattered to me what her head looked like anyways) she also had lymphnods(not sure if thats the right spelling for it or not) from the sides of her face as well and the skin from her leg to put on the top of her head) was horrible thinking of the day before surgery at night it was bad for me to get to sleep( i was listening to some songs and started crying horribly but i am thankful for my fiance andrew who calmed me down and ended up making me laugh before going to bed) my mom had lots of prayers from my fiances mom(though she didnt know the whole story just that my mom was going in for sugery) some of my friends and their parents, her friends and some people she told from our church. My dad is taking off a couple of days so he can look after my mom. As well my aunt is coming all the way from ontario though she is very scared of flying and then i am sure most of us kids will go random days when my aunt goes home this sunday. She found out thursday how the bio-opsy was though i havent called her yet since i just want her to relax.
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