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I don’t know if y’all remember, but last year, I bought a kiddie pool for the dog and she did not get it. She circled around it and then, eventually, stood in it all dejected because, maybe, she was going to have to have a bath.

So, we put it up and thought no more about it.

Well, when the Shill and her family were here, I pulled it out, washed it out, and filled it up. And I will be ****ed if that dog didn’t finally get what the fuss was about. She splashed and splashed and splashed in it. She growled and barked at that water. She stuck her whole face in it and made a “burgurgleleypth” noise.

And last night, when we went outside for our evening constitutional, I got caught up in trying to figure out what color the coneflowers that are getting ready to bloom might be, and I lost track of the dog.

Where did I find her?

Standing in the kiddie pool. Just standing there. With this enormous grin on her face like there was no place in the world that could make her happier.

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Mine get misted with the hose if it's really hot out! I never tried kiddie pools on any dog I ever had.

We had an above ground pool I used to have one swim with me! She'd stand on my back as I swam back and forth.Even did that with me at the lake! I think i would like to take mine to the lake this summer,just waiting for our lil son to start walking first.Would make things easier on us.
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