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The Exodus continues...

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One of my "feral" Petsmart girls had to leave.
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Oh what a sweetheart she was! Harmony was so beautiful and she looked so content and happy with her playmates. Rest easy pretty lady. Say hello to my boys for me.
I've always wondered about 'feral' rats compared to 'wildies' and 'halfies'. I've never seen an animal so consistently display that temperament is a genetic component and that domestication is different from tame.

I don't remember where, but I read another thread talking about Haromony and Dru and I remembered them. As I always say, your posts, though poignant, make me smile. I'm glad they found you.

This may be more than you care about, but I've been going through communicant's class with my son as part of our Presbyterian church. It being an in depth study of what it means to have faith and of the Bible. Having grown up a free range southern "Babnostic" who studied half a dozen faiths and about a dozen more specific denominations on my own time, this kind of up to my neck education immersion is familiar, but never so focused. I feel half the time that I'm Ted Theodore Logan coming up from a couch session with Sigmund 'Frood' on stage...all "Whoa..."

Edit: Hey! I found a link! Whoa!:

When concepts are brought up, I can't help but make comparisons to life experiences. As anyone familiar with the Christian faith knows, it speaks of stewardship of the land and animals being a covenantal responsibility. Being the animal lover I am, I know many who are my examples of this, and of course you are one of them.

I just made a realization as I went to the link and did my usual secretarial behind the scenes sweep to make sure everything was updated to match your changes....Do you know you've rescued, loved, and guarded 200 ratties to the end of their lives in a span over less than seven years?

So all that to say, without a bit of intended glurgy sentiment and with complete sincerity...You are doing God's work my sweet lady.
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