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[Mi Xiaobin] the fifth Network Culture Fair hold in Beijing exhibition, exhibitors more than 100. Show in October 28th, and ended at noon, which lasted four days. Although the so-called network Expo, more it is called the network game culture exhibition, exhibition of one of the most fascinating is the large network game business and they bring presentation and cosplay.
(Photography: Mi Xiaobin) although a bit cold, but very clear entrance is a large enterprise billboard, royal, giant Netease and so on young people,Final Fantasy Cosplay Costume, the elderly, children, is quite wide, little of course
not slim Cosplay man has lots of fun to play on the urgent cry; play to blossom happily your coaster experience area, attracted many children who are not even the mouse will use it is long swim the net
when won the Olympic sponsorship qualifications? The Fuwa to attract customers sign waiting for a prize team long Oh! Do not know drawing prizes, or really old is a game player's return fully loaded game
company as a wild type Cosplay people say, praise or blessing words well, COSPLAY is not easy, to see frozen! A robe,First online beauty girl became the Shanghai division judges,May was wearing briefs, can not cold? Snails dance before the game's sister in the game
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