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UGG snow boots for some time been seen as the most ugly shoes, the shoes as his feet with sheepskin with wool wrap after a simple sewn, thick stupid. But what he really means so that the double looks very ugly shoes as the influx of people's favorite?

A few years ago, called "UGG" boots in the snow suddenly swept Europe and America. This pair has been critical of harsh comments for the fashion people "in the history of the most ugly" shoes, in the absence of large-scale advertising and strong marketing support in the case, this will create the world's most irresistible pop culture in recent years, it appears in the streets and fashion magazine that had an extremely high frequency resistance of the top fashion brands have to let it happen to swagger at the T station on; its maker Deckers Outdoor Corporation's U. S. brand UGGAustralia, even based on more than 50% for several years The sales growth has become a new fashion legend. This year, UGG are blown off the wave of popularity in China, in Beijing Xidan, Sanlitun and other places where the influx of people, you can not take a moment met with dozens of pairs of UGG, UGG there are many carrying bags girls the shuttle, continue to participate in the UGG boots that have a very huge group of consumers. A pair of "the history of the most ugly" boots on how to re-energized a wave of people's love of things, how to market it off to the boiling point of incredible

UGG's intention is UglyBoots (ugly shoes), this is like snow boots with sheepskin with wool wrap his feet after a simple sewn, thick stupid, but very light warm. UGGAustralia brand Deckers bought the company in the former, it is mainly for an aesthetic not so particular about the sub-groups - surfers. UGGAustralia brand's founder Brian. Smith surfing in Australia Perth found that many surfers will come ashore wearing local small factory UGG, not only comfortable and warm, thick wool which can rapidly siphoning off gas feet of water, keep dry.
So he created UGGAustralia brand in the United States, California, as a function of the brand in the small range between surfers to catch on. In 1998, Smith sold the UGGAustralia brand Deckers. The latter took over after that, with exquisite materials (must be Australian A-level anti-wool skin) and comfortable foot feeling, UGG snow boots can break the barriers of professional market by more consumers.

The promotion of the traditional model - advertising, in fashion magazines and fashion show, to attract consumers to buy on the counter - apparently does not work for UGG, this looks ugly stupid and difficult to match the shoes hard into the discourse of fashion Circle of opinion leaders stuff. Thus, Deckers turn to convince the fashion circle in another words "Lighthouse" - star. They first tried a pair of UGG as a gift due to star at the time, "the beach guards" were crazy chasing paparazzi shot of actress Pamela. Anderson, and also wisely included a pair of UGG boots for children, Anderson's daughter.

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