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driving too fast incursions across the level crossing Zhaohuo accidents were heavy penalties will serve today, and fines ranging from 4.5 yuan to 60,000 yuan to.

southeast October 15 hearing, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan today has two important transport new law started offending incursions across the level crossings will be subject to heavy penalties, fines from 45,000 yuan (NT, the same below) to 60,000 yuan; drunk driving also carrying children under the age of 12, may be the most important life hanging shine.

the past five years Total 268 railroad crossing accidents, 95 people lost their lives on the railway. Department of Transportation to $ 60,000.

incursions across the level crossing accidents were the Spring Festival this year, due to the gravel trucks incursions across the level crossing, causing the driver killed in the line of duty Taroko, Department of Transportation decided to amend the law Zhongcheng Chuang level crossing behavior. The total this year to the end of July, a total of 16 railroad crossing accidents, resulting in 10 deaths and 15 injuries.

after forcibly break more or overtaking at the level crossing, rotary, reverse, provisional stop all the open penalty.

drunk driving traffic to the death of the first among Taiwan nearly 10 years, driving, drunk driving annexed young children to push more children into the woods.

Today, drunk driving also contained children under the age of 12, the offense resulting injuries will be fined from 15,000 to 60,000 yuan, but also the suspension of his driver's license for two years; cause serious injury, death will lose his license, he may not re-licensing exams. drive bow family

first advised and then grab a red light can not play

car, riding a motorcycle to use mobile phones, Tablet PC devices such as watching movies, face book, clock, play games or send text messages ,Compaq Presario 1545AP akku, App, the the

smartphone, tablet PC in power, a lot of steam locomotive family using red for stop and empty slot Penalties,Compaq Armada M700-140142-032 akku. The Department of Transportation said, unless the vehicle is in motion are not permitted to operate the phone, the same illegal operation of the phone when a red light, like mobile phones, Tablet PC to watch movies, e-book MP4 and other similar devices are listed in the same open penalty range.

May this year, the Behavior open fined.

open fined 6,Acer TravelMate 2313WLC akku,000 yuan to 24,000 yuan. traffic police brigade captain of

Taipei yellow potential clear, is not easy due to vehicles traveling expositions banned tendency during the stop-and-wait traffic lights. Due to the provisions of the definition of The Yellow potential clear,

pointed out that, with or without a handheld or otherwise use, as long as the obstacle to driving safety will be held hair violations gray area, will persuade the hair instead move to avoid grievances.
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