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The killing of Rabbits and Guinea pigs

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Haifa Educational Zoo employees are suspected of slowly killing guinea pigs and rabbits by freezing them to death in a refrigeration cell.
An investigation into the suspected abuse by the Agriculture Ministry last summer found that caregivers admitted to culling the furry creatures by putting them in the deep freeze rather than through euthanasia.
Due to their quick reproductive rate, the zoo must kill some of the creatures every so often to control their population. According to the Animal Welfare Act, however, zookeepers may only euthanize an animal in a manner that minimizes suffering.
The Haifa municipal Society for Culture, Art, and Sports, which funds the zoo, reported that the facility’s chief veterinarian and her two assistants were fired.
The zoo’s director expressed disapproval of the incident and said all measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence.
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my god.. at what point does someone who allows things like that to happen become a vet?
A link to the article.

Sadly, just another case of poorly supervised employees taking the easiest route to a solution, instead of doing it correctly. At least the zoo's administration seems to have taken quick and decisive action.
or they knew all along, didn't want to spend extra money and then didn't get caught with the knowledge.
Can't they just separate the male from the female to avoid quick reproductive rate than killing them?
I feel sorry for the animals to suffer the cold of being freeze alive. I hope that the zoo management will file a case somehow to the chief veterinarian and her two assistants.
I am disgusted and shocked reading this. My heart breaks for these innocent animals.
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