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My Mom chinchilla recently had 2 baby kits! They are cutest things in the world! Who here are is a proud owner of kits? If you are, post a pic of your kit! :D

My pic is actually a screen grab of a video I took of them. It's my new hobby :)


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Haha.. really! Any special reason why you named your doggy Kitsune? Kitsume means fox in Japanese, and they have magical abilities. What can your dog do?
Yup we knew it meant fox when we named him that :)

I dunno...just liked it for a name for him, and it fits him. He's full of energy and very mischievous. Plus he's mostly white, but he has redish/brown markings on his face that I think resemble a kitsune mask...and he has a huge fluffy fox like tail :D

As for magical abilities...he has unlimited energy, the power to always find trouble where ever he goes, but the power to look cute enough to get out of said trouble. Also the power to make me smile no matter what :D

Off topic I know but this is him...

And his infamous tail, lol...

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