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The new rats! :D

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My camera was stolen, so I can't post any pictures of them, but Rue has two new sisters! I'm not putting them together until Rue recovers from his infection and gets neutered, but I'll probably introduce them in the bathtub or somewhere where I can watch them and make sure Rue doesn't try anything sneaky.

There was one black and white girl, she was nearly completely black but with a white stomach and white socks. The other one was an adorabled hairless dumbo rat... ohemgee.

They didn't have names, so I named the black one Hallow and the other one Valentine.

They came with an abolutely giant cage and all of their stuff, but I felt so bad for them.
They had NO water, I'm not sure how long they were without it for. There wasn't a water bottle in there. They were on pine bedding, there wasn't any food, but the girl mentioned she fed them just cheese and cheesies. The cage was filthy and smelled like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks. Not to mention, Hallow is a barber.

I spent the last two hours cleaning their cage and washing everything down. There was this gunk on the sides of the cage that was disgusting and the wires weren't properly set on the plastic bottom. Now they have a nice clean cage, recycled paper bedding, clean water(unfortunately it was in a bowl because I don't have an extra water bottle. Rue was in a smaller cage and he only needed one water bottle. I'll have to buy another when I go to the pet store.) They have toys and a few more little houses to sleep in. I found a big hamster rolling ball, took the top off and put some bedding in and put it in the cage. They can sleep in there :3

I've got them on lab blocks now, and I'm trying to feed them some veggies but they won't eat. Silly little rats.

Oh, I found that Rue is a barber too. ALL MY RATS WITH HAIR ARE BARBERS. The only other one has no hair. My grandma was joking with me earlier, saying all my pets were as crazy as me and I could take them to the loony bin with me (because I have bipolar disorder, therefore I'm crazy apparently :crylaugh:)

:/ So, I would like your advice on whether they'll be alright. Since their diet consisted of cheesies and cheese before I got them, they lived in a filthy cage on pine bedding and barely had water... Will they be alright now? :panic: because I'm freaking out for their poor health. They seem to be fine, not sneezing or coughing or anything. But I'm worried about the long term effects. They're six months old, so I'm not sure how long they've been living like this.
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One - DO NOT let Rue meet the girls until 2-3 weeks post-neuter, even with you watching him, he can mate with a girl in an eyeblink.

I take in rescues of all different ages all the time...these girls are young and you said they are acting just fine (no sneezes etc) so I wouldn't worry about them.

when you say a barberer, where is the hair loss?
xD No, no. I was holding him when I let the other two give him a sniff, he never got free range around them at all.
Rue has begun to chew away his fur on his back, and Hallow is missing most of the fur on her stomach.

As for the girls, I've noticed that Valentine has poryphin around her eyes... :/ I'm not the happiest about that, since that was what happened with Rue. Also, both of their tails are really scaly and dry, sort of yellowish brown. Is that normal?
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