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I still think about poor Cookie and what could have gone wrong. I mean, I'm fairly sure it was just wet tail.. she died about a day and a half from when she started ill, and she refused to eat.. her tummy felt hard to the touch and she barely took any water.

I have a hyperviligant eye on Jigglypuff now, just in case she exhibits any signs of illness. I dare say that she is my favorite and she is my little baby.. I was upset when cookie passed, but I think I might be devastated if Jigglypuff were to die suddenly.

I've had this thing, ever since my youth (7th grade) that I love little black female dwarf hamsters. I've had quite a few in fact.. It all started with Greybaby.. She was like most that I've had, Black with white socks on her paws, a white chest and little white hairs on the tip of her ears.. Greybaby was my darling. I was very young when I had her, but we had such a special relationship.. I would lie down on my bed and she would find a little crevace and would sleep until I got up.. She would sometimes hoard food and then when I put her on my bed, she would run away to behind my pillow (between pillow and headboard) and she would sit there and munch until I got up and put her away. Never ran away from me! Also, on some occasions, she and I would be chilling, and she could come to my mouth, and put her paws on my lips.. I would open my mouth and she would lick my tongue to get a drink (ew, I know, I wonder if I have any diseases).. then she would find a tooth with plaque on it and naw away the plaque! Can you imagine? Clearly she was comfortable enough with me to ask for my mouth and whatever without worrying about being killed! Sort of reminds me of those birds that clean alligator's teeth!
When Greybaby was an adult, I really wanted another baby black hamster (as if Gbaby wasn't enough :() So I bought little Molly. Molly was so young and small that I figured I could put her with Gbaby and they would get along fine.. I guess they did because Molly would always try to get Gbaby to play or snuggle.. But Gbaby was not happy.. She started this weird behavior where she would just sit there, frozen, while Molly climbed ontop of her and whatnot.. Eventually Gbaby just died. I wonder if it was because she lost me as her one and only (anthropomorphizing)
or if she got ill from Molly, or just felt upset having a baby around all the time.
Molly was my next big love.. I have many pictures of her, and many stories! In fact, a carpenter who works in our area has a funny story about me and Molly! On two separate occasions, Molly got loose, she went down the vents from my bedroom all the way to the bottom of the vent system in our basement. Here she could not go up or down, in fact, she was quite stuck. I found her because in the basement, I heard little "pitter patter" and I realized it was her being stuck in the vent!
We called a carpenter and he cut a whole out of the sheet metal and saved her! Not once, but twice!!! I could have lost my little Molly and hers would be a sad story. But she is my little miracle.
I got the idea to start breeding my babies if I wanted more cute adorable babies. This was actually not a good idea.. I cannot remember the name of Molly's husband, but together they had 16 babies. She had a few black ones... She had a baby boy Moopey and a baby girl Lucy "Lulu" who had her characteristics- black with white socks and a white chest. Lulu was my next black hamster lover.. She was my last for a while.

Later in college, I got Wednesday who was a black female (Winnie). SHe was never really social, but I loved her because I believed she was a bit of Greybaby, Molly, Lucy, etc. When she passed, I got black Lenin (Lenny).. he was a small baby boy but black and adorable so I welcomed him. He, too was not that social, and did not like to be touched or petted. But I loved him and made do.

Finally, after Lenny died, I had 2 grey hamsters, then found baby Jigglypuff. Jpuff is quite the reincarnate of Gbaby, Molly.. etc. She chirps which makes me squeel.. she asks for out, and she knows she's my baby. She also sometimes has a little attitude, like if I hold her in my hand for too long and she wants to be put down, she'll nip me a little..

I have so much video and pictures of Jigglypuff .. I have many pictures of Molly.. a few of Gbaby and Lulu, but to me, they are all the same baby.

Childish, I know, but since I can't have my own dog, and don't like cats, I need small animals (hamsters, hedgehog) to make me feel like I"m not alone in my apartment.. They greet me, they need me, they make me happy..

So do my plants, but that's for another time!!

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