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Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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Belle has skin issues. She gets dandruff that is rather smelly. And the tips of her ears get crusty. Tonight I noticed it and went to scratch it off and it bled a little. It never did that before. Frank gets it from time to time but not as bad as she does.
I have started washing both of them weekly in a non-soap shampoo. I ran into another dachshund owner at the local petsmart and she said that one of her dachshunds has the same dandruff and smelly problem that Belle does. Her vet told her it was allergies and to use this certain shampoo. It does make sense because she gets better in the winter and worse in the spring and summer.
Poor Belle also gets stinky armpits. The woman recommended gold bond powder for that - again her dachshund has the same issue.
Does anyone else have this with their dog - dachshund or not?

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I cross posted your question to a west coast dachshund group I belong to and here's what they said:

"I would say both of your dogs need to have their thyroids

Because of the dwarf gene that also gives our dogs their
short legs....they are also susceptible to slow thyroids.
Many Dachshunds test out as only borderline, but if your
vet is not familiar with Dachshunds.....and refuses to start
your dog on a thyroid replacement, INSIST!!!... or go seek
another vet. I have been through this.....and know others
that have more than once!!!!!

The smelly skin problems are part of that. Most likely they
have developed yeast.....which untreated will lead to a
secondary bacterial infection.
Allergies may play a role.
Start with food.
What are these dogs eating now?

PS....if they are diagnosed with yeast infections, avoid
anything that contains carrots, green peas,
or fruit. Yeast feeds on sugars.
Give your dog some plain yogurt with their food

"Many Dachshunds are allergic to wheat, corn, and soy. Start by changing his diet. There are some really good allergen free
foods on the market pet/feed stores. Avoid the
grocery store brands!
Bathe him in a coal tar shampoo. -Cheryl"

She's had dachshunds for a very long time and is pretty much my go-to person for dachshund issues.

Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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Thank you so much! I just remembered to check this. I am rather forgetful these says.

Belle has had her thyroid check. It was only about a year ago. The vet was curious because she was rather chunky and had dandruff. It came back perfectly fine. Since then I worked with her and she has lost a nice amount of weight and is looking well. She is on Bill Jac brand food - the one for chunky monkey dogs. I will look at the ingredients but I thought it was a good brand.
I believe she has had yeast infections in the past but since she lost the weight there has not been as much of an issue with her arm pits. And once I began putting the gold bond powder on her pits it has really kept them dry. I do appreciate knowing about the carrots and green beans - I give them to her often. I can switch to just lettuce anytime I suspect a yeast infection.
I am wondering if she needs more oils in her food. Right now she is not that stinky but she is very flakey when I scratch her good.

Thank you so much for taking the time to cross post and let me know what you found. I really appreciate it.

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Yes yes yes...I have had the stinky skin problem and yeasty ear problem. Not the crusty ears but we had goopy eyes.

What I have tried that didn't work:
Medicated shampoo
allergy "medication"
lots of visits to the vet for shots, tests and such

What I have done that has worked:
Feeding a food that has meat as the main more grain filled foods.
Giving a raw meat treat once a week or twice a month.
Using dinovite and lickochops supplements-totally got rid of dandruff, itchy skin and smelly skin for good,

Started using dogosuds shampoo ( I like the lavender one the best :) but now I don't have to shampoo as often, only when he gets into dirt not because he smells from yeast or skin problems.

I really like that we were able to address the problems with nutrition, not using steroids or medications. I felt like I was putting a band aid on the problem when we used medications for the quick fix. Now the problems are a thing of the past and my dog actually sleeps in my bed because he isnt shedding or stinking! If you have tested your dog for the thyroid issues and there are no real medical conditions that are evident, then the best guess would be a nutrition issue.
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