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Wow! Are they as big as they look? Gorgeous!
Yes...these two guys are two of my biggest rats. They are not related though. I got Thor from a girl who bought him to feed her snake and Captain came from a girl who bred her rats and then no longer wanted them once she realized how much work several babies were...:(

I love Thor & Capitan! I actually named my truck Thor =D after this HUGE chestnut that use to live at the ranch I use to work at. Is Thor a seal point?? I have never been very good at telling the difference between the siamese, seal points, etc >.<
Haha,nice! I didn't know people still name their vehicles! LOL!

Thor is a seal point Siamese. However his markings are faulty. He does not have a bum point for one. But he's always a winner in my books!
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