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Thoughts on Tattoo IDs

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Since I have been considering going on frequent hiking trips with the furbabies, I have been looking more and more into extra IDs. A dog came into the clinic I was externing at with a tattoo so I looked into it. I was thinking about having my animals' chip numbers tattooed on and registered (probably through NDR) mostly because the area we will be hiking through has a VERY high volume shelter that is pretty shady. In the event that all of their tags fall off (likely with Luna) and their chips don't scan (likely with Spyro since he has an ISO) they will have that extra, visible form to go off of.

Considered it for the cats too seeing as cat collars are made to fall off if cats get out and are put in a situation.

What do you guys think? The unbiased web pages say "both" but most pages are biased towards one or the other. I want some real human thoughts!
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Actually, I have never heard of tatooing pets before, but it has been pretty effective for cattle owners for a very long time. It works pretty well for identifying humans as well :)
Sure does although it isn't branding. Its kinda like how come cattle get a tattoo in their ear after getting a brucellosis vaccine (although some ranches just do tags.)

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