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,trx rip trainer for saleTim Thorton's Sports Camp Uses Sports ID Labels by Lawrence Reaves

in (submitted 2012-08-07)

Tim Thorton's Sports Camp for Boys and Girls was in trouble. The kids were having a lot of fun, but equipment kept getting lost. Most often it was left on the playing fields, sometimes it was left on the bus. Tim wasn't quite sure where or how it was left - but it was costing him a small fortune. If this kept happening, it looked like he would have to close his camp. It just about broke his heart. Running this camp was his dream, what he'd always wanted to do. Would he really have to stop because of a lost baseball bat?
"Honey look at this," his wife said. She pointed to the computer screen. "Maybe this could help. They are Sports ID Labels. You put them on and it is easier to get lost sports equipment returned. What do you think?" Tim looked at the Sports ID labels. There was room for the camp name,trx suspension training pro pack, address and contact information. Surely if someone found a lacrosse stick, baseball helmet or baseball bat from the camp, they would probably return it. It was worth a chance. And it was a lot better than closing the camp down. He placed an order for the Sports ID labels. Soon he and his wife were adding the labels to the sports equipment and hoping for the best.
Tim reminded both the campers and the camp counselors about lost equipment. "I know you are having fun playing sports. Try to remember to bring all sports equipment back with you. All sports equipment now has a Sports ID Label on it." He pointed out where the labels were. "Those look great,trx xmount," a camp counselor said. Everyone got on the bus to go to the baseball field.
Tim wasn't entirely surprised when they returned without one of the bats. He was glad he'd put the Sports ID Labels on all the equipment. "Maybe someone will call,suspension training equipment," his wife said. Tim nodded his head. All he could do was hope. He didn't want to have to order more equipment in the middle of camp season; it was an expense he simply couldn't afford. But the campers needed equipment to play.
A woman and her three boys were in Tim's office the next day. "My son found this baseball bat in the park and it has your camp name on it," she said. Tim smiled. "Yes, that's ours. We were on the baseball field yesterday. Thank you so much for returning it."
"I didn't realize there was a sports camp here. We are new to the area. Are you accepting applications?" the woman said. "I have three boys I'd like to get into camp for the summer. I know it is late in the season."
"We'd be happy to have the boys for camp this summer," Tim said. This was a surprise. Getting the bat back was terrific, but getting more campers too? That was simply amazing. Tim gave her the information to start on Monday.
"Aren't you glad we got the Sports ID Labels?" his wife said. "I think its going to be a great season." And Tim could only agree. About the Author

Lawrence Reaves writes for Maverick Label, aonline label that offers a range of products from ID Labels to name tags and asset tags. For more information about these products and others visit .
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