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Lilspaz has worked with quite a few 'problem' rats. I'm sure she'll be able to give you tips. You might want to pm her as I haven't seen her on the site in a while.

I've never worked first hand with aggressive rats, other than the potential shown my my hairless as they were hitting adulthood, and a neuter squared them away pretty quickly.

Neutering is a good place to start, but your poor Brucie sounds like he's got a lot more going on.

I can't give you any reliable advice myself. I don't have enough skill to know if it's a trust training issue, habitual conditioning, fear aggression, cage aggression, hormonal aggression, or any combination of the lot. However I can link you to a couple of resources to maybe help you get inside his little head a little better?

Jorats has some videos on rats with aggressive rat/rat behaviors, and some on overcoming fearfulness. It also has some great info on trust training. They are a proponent of forced socialization properly applied. However, I'm not sure if forced socialization is the first step to take with him. I just don't know. Still, it will help with giving you more info:

Here's another on the basics of training shy or biting rats:

Here's another I found on deciphering rat behavior:

Good luck!
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