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To buy or not to buy!

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I have a 40 gallon bowfront aquarium.

I have: 2 gold gouramis, 1 blue gourami, 1 rose lined shark, 1 severum, 1 rainbow shark, 1 clown loach, and 2 tiger barbs.

I had originally bought 6 tiger barbs, 4 of which died because I had an outbreak of ich when I bought my clown loaches (originally bought 3, now down to 1).

The ich is all cleared up and has been for about 3 weeks now. My question is, should i get more tiger barbs? My one tiger barb is picking on the other one I have, and she hides in the bushes because he nips at her all the time. Should I chance getting 4 more barbs or should I just keep letting the other barb hide? I don't want another outbreak of ich or some other disease running through my tank, I paid a lot of money for some of my fish (especially the rose lined shark!).

AND, should I get more clown loaches? I know that they're schooling fish, so I feel bad that the one is alone. He doesn't seem distraught or anything but I feel bad.

Any advice?
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Your tank is already over-stocked so I can't recommend adding anything :(. Maybe if some of the fish were re-homed (and then, yeah, I'd add tiger barbs).

Clown loaches are indeed schooling fish but they get WAY too large for a 40-gallon. Since you'll have to upgrade the loach to a larger tank later anyways, you might as well wait to fill out the school.
If you could upgrade your tank size or maybe rehome, it would be great to add a few more tiger barbs. Don't want the one being picked on to get stressed too badly =/
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