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To those I have lost

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I was unfortunate to lose three this year.

Starting with the most recent.

Youko. Some jerk was blowing up fireworks and scared her. She took off outside to hide and ran up our water heater. She fell on concrete, breaking her legs and injuring her spine. We got the call saying that she didn't make it through surgery. I love you and miss you baby. I'll see you on your way back down to Earth.

Shadow cat. This kitten decided to make my crawl space her final resting place. I'm sorry I wish we could have done more for you.

Oliver. My foster kitten runt that we were going to adopt. We found out that when we got them, they were actually three weeks old, not 5. While I'm glad the other three were strong enough to eat, clearly little Oliver wasn't quite ready. I miss you. You, Shadow, and Youko be nice to each other up there.
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