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Just curious if you can really have too much filtration...

I have a 100gal freshwater community tank, with...

5 marbled hatchetfish, 30 harlequin rasboras, 2 bushynose plecos, 2 SAEs, possibly a horseface loach (havent seen him in ~6months) and 9 Botias of various sizes. three about 5" the rest 2-4"

I currently have a Rena xp4 running, but the motor is very inconsistent so I was looking into getting a new top for it until I was offered a deal at the local fish store for a xp3. So my question is... If I had the xp4 and xp3 running would that be too much filtration??

Other option, I have a xp2 as well, and was thinking to lessen the water flow I could put the top of the xp3 onto the xp4 filter, and the xp2 top onto the xp3 filter, make sense?

I want two filters so that if I have a issue with one again I wont be without a filter for a day or two, ill at least have something running.


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For your purposes, no, you can't have too much filtration :). Especially with canisters since they don't usually add crazy flow (most of your fish would actually love extra flow anyways!).

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Its could have 4 of the largest canisters available on your tank and still not be overfiltered.

You cannot have too much filtration, only too much water flow....and canisters work by having a lot of media, less flow, so you are good.
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