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So today after my horrifying dentist appointment, I drove past an elderly gentleman who was probably walking home from the store... He was walking with a stroller for a total of 3 purposes: to keep his balance as he slowly went about, to hold his oxygen tank, and to wheel around his very well-fed friend, a pug. :approve:

I just thought, as I have my own well-fed pug who recently had a very bad run in with pancreatitis due to table scraps, that This is truly a pug-walk.:crylaugh: The pug gets to sit, perhaps guard the tank and other possessions, while the old man exerts himself to get around.

But in all honesty, pugs and obesity are not a good match.. In fact, many vet offices have canine obesity awareness posters featuring a similar looking well-fed pug. They are so cute as little pudgers, and who can resist those big eyes when they beg? But my family has learned to resist them, for the sake of keeping Mr. Boo alive as long as he should be. It was a cute image, but probably not a healthy one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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