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For over 40 years I have been taking care of pets of which I am a lifelong lover. Currently, I have three cats, a dog and a turtle at home. I have extensive knowledge in the field of animal care. Nevertheless, I am constantly expanding this knowledge. I share this knowledge with other animal breeders. I also promote various ideas that can be useful in caring for our four-legged friends.
I have been encouraging dog training for a long time, and although I am an opponent of dog training, I do recommend and encourage training which I believe is different and can really benefit both the dog and its handler.
This play-based training provides great communication between the dog and its handler. Proper communication is the basis for creating a human-dog relationship.

If you’re ready to reach out to your dog and communicate with him efficiently while having fun and not tearing your hair out… Then this training is really for your dog and ... you!

Who else wants to know the most important training secrets that dog experts use daily to make sure their dogs are always well behaved and listening?"
These secrets can be used anywhere by anyone to keep dogs listening, understanding and obeying ...
Without spending countless hours training!

The training is available here: I WANT TO KNOW THIS TRAINING!
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