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Training neglected rattie

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Okay only last week i aqquired two new rats from where i work, my boss told me someone had brought them in after they wernt looked after well
I took pity on them and brought them home, i spent a week getting them used to my two rats i already have and they now live together in a large cage and are getting on very well.
However, the two new rats are V. V. nervous of people. One seems to be missing the end of her tail and squeaks anytime i try to touch her so im guessing someone might have pulled a bit of her tail off :( The other one is very skinny and very timid.
I have never had rats that didnt have me as their first owner and so im not sure of the best way to go about getting them used to people
Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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try putting your hand in the cage to get them used to you. It might be an idea to have treats in your hand whilst like you do this , so they relate you with positive things. I've never had rats, but I adopted a pair of degus who had previously been in a tiny cage , and theyre really friendly now.

Hope i helped you :D
I currently have two foster rats who were neglected...stuffed in a tiny,dirty aquarium with 8 other rats and never handled. I got them April 9th and am still working with them,but they have come around A LOT.

Talk to them,offer yummy treats (food always helps) and let them sniff and investigate your hand in the cage. Just keep at it and they will come around.

Some are quicker to come around then others. Out of my two foster rats,Kiefer came around much quicker then Sutherland. Sutherland is still quite reserved and runs away if I try to handle him,but once he is up in my arms he is fine. He also comes up and greets me every day.

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice!
I can already see a differece in one of them who is taking a lot more interest in me when out the cage.
The main issue is that one actually bites, quite nastily. I dont think its agressive but more out of nerves, this is the main thing i want to get rid of which im sure is possible
Im just glad that i got them because they are both very cute and hopefully will be very well behaved soon
You are a kind person for taking these poor guys in and trying to give them a good home, good for you. I hate hearing about neglected animals. Just makes me disgusted with the human race. Your new ratties will slowly learn to trust you and love you. :)
OMG, the poor little rats well good that they're in a good home now! Something that might help which a breeder told me is to put them in a smaller cage and have them next to you e.g if your sitting on the pc, she then said to let them be for a couple of days and talk to them, not in a mental way lol. She said that lets the rats know that your not trying to invade there space or something like that which should let them be more comfy around you and letting them get used to you. Im not sure if this might help? Im hoping it will, because the rats she has rescued (using that technique) are tame and very playful. :)
Oh and another thing is to let the rat know your their owner is to hold them on there back and scratch their belly this should help to let them know your in charge and try not to feed them through the cage wire thing as they will bite everytime you have your hand on the cage as they'll think its food.
one of them has come on leaps and bounds, i let them out around the room and she comes over to her name! Which is fantastic. However, there has been little progress with the one who is missing the tip of her tail, she squeaks when i try to touch her and often bites which is a shame. but yea i often sit next to the cage and just talk to them (not in a weird way either :p )
Lol well thats good :)
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