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Traveling with your pets

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I was wondering how many of you travel with your small rodents and animals?

and what are some tips to getting around with them, etc.?
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ok, what about moving with your pets? like if you were moving across the country?
im moving to uni in the next week and am taking my mice, im hoping to god they'll be ok in the car in a travel cage, suppose ill just have to make them as comfortable as pos... lots of tissue and their lovely teepee ^_^
I have many plans for me and my pets. I'll describe some things I've thought of so far.

Once I receive my Vet Technician license I am qualified to work in all of Canada and some parts of the US. On the International Veterinarian website it lists all of the countries I will be able to transfer that license to. Unfortunately, I'll have to take extra courses, upgrade some of my stuff, and take that countries Vet technician license test to transfer it (lots of red tape) but it is possible! The countries are mostly first world.

Currently, I have two cats, a conure, a Shiba Inu, and a rabbit. The rabbit is looking for a new home because I'm a hundred times badly allergic to him. So all of my plans do not include him. However, if they did he would need a vaccination against that disease in Europe. Other than that, rabbits travel well and are generally accepted by the majority of landlords.

I looked at a list of animals that travel well and are accepted by landlords. Most of them are caged. Although cats are not on that list I will have at least one at all times (otherwise I spiral into depression and start contemplating suicide... I'm not kidding). The biggest NO from landlords is a dog. The leery animals are cats, large birds, large aquariums. Looking at banned animals most of them are exotics (sugar glider, ferret, etc.), sometimes snakes PERIOD are banned, certain kinds of dogs, certain parrots, some rodents. The ones that will never be banned on account of their general acceptance into pet society are cats, hamsters, horses (and other livestock), dogs (mutts), rabbits, common parrots (budgerigars, cockatiels, conures), common softbills (finches, canaries), and fish.

if you compare the list of Never Banned to a list of Travels Well these are the ones that come up: rabbits and hamsters. Lol. All the other animals come with hosts of problems with travelling. For cats and dogs it's the rabies, especially if you go to an island. For birds it's the stress and air quality (constantly worrying abut cleaners, air fresheners, etc when on vacation sucks) and sometimes the Avian Bird Flu. For fish it's the simple task of getting their aquarium and them over there in one piece.

So looking at those lists I made myself a plan. First, my dog is nine years old. I anticipate a minimum of 4-5 years with her. It will take a good 4-5 years to get my License. I may have to move within Canada to take the schooling and moving within a country is less of a pain then moving outside of it. So I intend to stay within Canada until she passes on. I want to live in the Maritimes and a big city at least for a year each. I anticipate minimal problems.

When my dog leaves, I will have cats that are middle aged and a bird that will live another twenty years (hoping). To move overseas I will be placing Stuff I Don't Immediately Need in storage and heading off to a different country with my animals in tow. First, my animals all need vet-checks, passports, etc. Then, because I have more than one, I will be flying them over later, once I'm already established in the new country. Flying them over in an actual PET AIRLINE because there is no stops, and they do it within the day. Deal with quarantine (I do intend to move to the country with the worst quarantine times after my cats have passed and I don't already have a new one).

Once I've lived in that country for a few years I'll be moving onto my next, and the next, etc. etc. Perhaps, once I've found one I love, I'll settle down and buy a house. However, if you intend to move overseas DO NOT PURCHASE A HOUSE. Houses are a pain in the arse. Rent everywhere. I've already pared down the stuff I own in preparation for moving. When you move, and when you store, you want the lowest amount possible.

And, yeah, that's what my thoughts are on moving overseas with pets...
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Our cavies travel with us few times a year :)

You may expect some "dormant" behavior after the trip though (hiding, not responding) - animals may be stressed for a while, but our cavies usually recuperate very soon. Especially if we bribe them with their favorite treats.

Also, be careful with the water - if you are using drip bottles - they tend to leak in a driving car and wet the bedding.
I avoid travelling with my chinnies as it seems to stress them out. Come to think of it, I don't really travel anywhere myself. =o)
Hey Kristine, this may be a dumb question but what's a 'chinny'? The farthest I can afford to travel these days is the grocery store ;)!
I meant my chinchillas. Sorry for the slang. =o)
Your dog is a member of your family and it is only natural that you would want to bring him along when you go on a vacation. More and more families are including that four legged family member each year on their vacation trips. If you are considering traveling with your dog here are 10 tips that will make that trip easier and more fun for both you and your dog.
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