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Tried reintroducing Husky to Arthur, didn't go well :(

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Well, Arthur has been missing his brother, Husky, a bit and starting to take it out on Pepper. Today, Arthur pushed Pepper off the top level of the cage and Pepper keeps picking on Arthur... than losing... So I thought that if Husky would accept Arthur, than I could have two pairs, living happily together and all this trouble would calm down.
I was wrong. I made such an incredibly stupid mistake, that I will never forget my foolishness and it will always be a lesson to me.
As you've probably geussed, everything went very, very, very badly.
Okay... I started Husky out on the floor and I started Arthur out on the bed. Arthur went on the floor and began following Husky up the cages. At first, there was some sniffing. Than Arthur hopped off the cages and went onto a large interlink express box I have in my room... Husky followed. I was watching closely, but I was on my bed, not right next to them. All of a sudden, quicker than I could blink, Husky and Arthur were noisily rolling around, one on top of eachother, fighting. I tried to grab them, but they rolled off the box an down the side of the cages, in the gap between the box and Huskys cage. I know it was a bad move, however my first instinct was to squeeze my hand through the gap and rescue Arthur, so I pulled him out, without being bitten (Phew!) And I thought everything was over... until I noticed Husky swinging off Arthurs back...!!! His teeth were leterally dug in, he was not letting go. I actually had to pull husky and Arthur apart with great force to stop them latching onto eachother.
As you might imagine, they both looked like they had came out of the wars. I bathed them both, Arthur was VERY shaky, but he really appreciated the rubbing down when he was wrapped in the towel, Husky was hissing at me the whole time and didn't appreciate any of the pampering. But they are both sorted... but bleeding badly.
never, never, never, never again. That was Huskys last chance. I really was carful. Just not careful enough.
Thought I'd let you guys know what was going on though.
Luv you all millions xxxx
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Aww thats to bad. I guess some just aren't meant to be together.Just be strong and love each one on their own.
Im sorry hun, dont blame yourself you tried to do whats best for husky but he just isnt a social rat with a domiance problem!
Me and you arnt having the best of luck but the main thing here is its all artifical wounds and you werent bit ( now i know how that feels lol ) you where very lucky and brave! and its a good thing arthur thought back because maybe if he had of took it things would of been ALOT WORSE!!
Husky is just a grumpy old man !! LOL and thats the way i think my novo is going to be!

Good luck sweetie xx
Thanks, LOL
Yeah, Husky is such a grumpy bum! I just can't beleive he reacted like he did, I wasn't expecting it at all!
Your bite looks bad, I don't think I want one too lol... i'm sure our bad luck will turn soon though, and we'll go through a lucky streak... well, I hope we do, because we havn't done anything to deserve this cad luck right now!
Luv you xxxx
Very sorry to hear your intros didn't go particularly well (vast understatement). How old are the boys? This happens sometimes if you introduce males of the same general size and age. It works much better to introduce an adult or nearly adult male rat with a much younger male rat so that they don't perceive the newcomer as a threat. Then there are some male rats who are either not socialized until far too late in their lives or who just have aggression to other rats in their lineage, for those there's nothing really to be done except keep them separately and try to pay enough attention to them to make up for their lack of socialization.

If neither of them has bitten you before I would not necessarily be concerned that they would now. As I explained to clairebee in another post aggression towards rats doesn't mean you'll have aggression towards humans or vica versa. Their social responses to people and their social responses to other rats are entirely different parts of their personality.
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wow, I'm sorry that went sour on you! Husky's a rat hater! lol. but he'll be a great sucky solo rat! you just watch :)
Thanks :)
Well, I was just a bit confused because Husky and Arthur are brothers. They are the same age and were from the same litter, so I thought maybe it would work.
I don't think that Husky will ever be a cuddly rat. Husky is more of a play rat than anything and he preffers to do everything on his pwn, but, like you said Mulder, all I need to do is wait and be pateint for him to come round, Love yous xxxx
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