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Truely indestructable toys?

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Can anyone suggest some dog toys that really are indestructable? Scrappy shreds everything into tiny pieces :-/ Rawhide bones, no matter how big last no more than an hour, She bites holes in tennis balls and then rips them up (RIP brand new vaccum cleaner), she shreds ropes, no matter the size, and after I had to help her pass 2 feet of strings last night there will be NO MORE of those! Her very favorite thing to chew on is wood. I had square chunks of 4x4's that I was using to keep things off of the ground and anythime she can get to one she drags it off and chews them to splinters... not to mention my computer chair that had wood covers on the legs and wheels :rolleyes: I just don't know what to do with this dog! The one toy she has that is supposed to be indestructible she's never touched...sigh...
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Gosh. I'm glad I don't have this problem. My best friend has it with her doberman. The only thing she's found that holds up to her is the Kong. She says she loves it and carries it everywhere. They buy a bag of rawhides every week because she goes thru them so fast.
I found a toy that I'm going to order for her to see how well it does

I dunno, I've heard that some of those hard rubber nylabone type things aren't safe. You could get one of those big nasty knuckle bone things they sell at Wally World - just keep it outside because they attract ants like crazy ! Dutchy loves em - it may keep her occupied for longer than a rawhide.

Tore up the vacuum huh ? That's a problem I DO have. Mr Blackie has to be kept outside when I vacuum. The rubber bumper thingie on mine is all screwed up from him pulling it off. The big dork must think the lawn mower's just a bigger vacuum because he grabs the front of it too. Well, he did once, he's not allowed near it now (that's too scary to even imagine, him getting caught under there)

I hope you get some more replies, so I can get some ideas for my friend and her Dobe.
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Oh Becki, you have one of those dogs that likes wood too. If they are in the basement and there is sawdust on the floor my one girl licks it up like its beef gravy. Very weird. I let her go outside and get branches to chew on and we have given her woodscraps. We have given them every indestructable toy on the market and they either don't touch them or they destroy them. My friend uses the Galaleo bones but they chewed on them so much that they started to wear their teeth down. My other dog has a thing with plastic. She likes the empty canisters from the instant coffee. My husband screws on the top real tight and it takes (well it used to anyway) to screw the top back off. I don't know why she has that obsession. She will then chew the top and spit little pieces out like bubble gum but then my little wood chewer will come over and eat the plastic pieces she spits out and the funs all over. So what was my point..... Oh yeah, I feel your pain but its just a matter of trial and error and supervising her at first to see what she will use and not eat and what she will be interested in.
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Yup Kongs I totally agree with. They do cost alot...was a shock to my mom when i asked her to buy one but they last and last and last! You can fill it with anything!
I'll vote for the Kongs too. My shepherd/dalmation mix is extremely hyperactive. She -constantly- has to have something to entertain her or she's destroying something - you should see the wood trim in my bathroom. I tried a whole mess of different toys and she just obliterated them. Some random lady I met in the pet store suggested the Kongs, so I broke down and bought one and she has yet to damage it and she is constantly gumming on it - especially when I hide treats in it. Well worth the increased price for its longevity. :)

Kongs get my vote too. My puppy can't have rawhide or pig ears- it gives him totally horrid GI upset... so I've had to replace all the rawhide. My Golden is a voracious chewer and loves his rawhide knot bones - but because of the puppy - I had to go in search of something that Jack will chew that won't upset Max's stomach.

Nylabone comes in all shapes, sizes, strengths based on what kind of chewer the dog is, and even flavored - and I haven't found that my Golden splinters or ingests it. It did take him a while to get interested in chewing them.... but I suppose when nothing else is around? He will chew them now. So does the puppy.

Kongs are great - to get them interested I stuff them. I have Kongs in various shapes and sizes - even a Kong Ball...
I stuff them with broken dog biscuits, kibble and the all time favorite - peanut butter stuffed kongs- frozen. They love the frozen peanut butter - it takes them a while to lick and clean out too! It's also great for pups that are teething. The frozen stuff must feel really good on their sore little gums.

Good Luck! I too know what it's like to live with a dog that will chew up everything in sight! My Golden can also rip through a tennis ball! First time I saw him do that I was shocked and amazed- lol! Now I am dealing with a puppy that will chew the heels off sneakers - into teenie bits, leaving the poor shoe looking like it was put part way into a shredder- lol.

Deja :)
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Ugh, nylabones were the worst thing I ever tried... she chews them into Very Small Pieces(tm) and leaves the pieces strewn all over the place. I'm still finding chunks of the **** things a year later. Never again. :)

I had those big huge hercules bones. The ones that are S shaped with the little bumps on them. They are supposed to be really tough. Well in one sitting my dog ate half of it and pooped all the little blue pieced out the next day. I can't put treats in the kongs either and mine don't really pay too much attention to them. If they have something with food that takes a long time to chew they tend to make them trophy objects and if they don't finish at the same exact time Holy you know what breaks loose.
I would have to say Kongs are the best as for lasting the longest, I have known dogs to chew them up as though they were nothing too, but took a little longer..... I am so sorry you have such trouble with her and chewing. My dogs love their ropes, I wouldn't know what to do if they didn't have them. Scooby would be lost that is for sure, Tabitha could go either way with them, not to mention they are so good for their teeth and gums. Best of luck for ya!! :)
I just clicked on the banner ad for JB Wholesale Pet Supplies - check out the Tonka brand toys down towards the bottom of this page
Thanks Sharon, there's a bunch on there that look pretty good!
Here's another question though, what if Scrappy is one of those that can destroy 'indestructable' toys? I'm worried about her swallowing chunks of rubber or vinyl.
Gosh. I'm glad I don't have this problem. My best friend has it with her doberman. The only thing she's found that holds up to her is the Kong. She says she loves it and carries it everywhere. They buy a bag of rawhides every week because she goes thru them so fast.
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