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Tucker, what type of dog?

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Tucker, what type of dog? (Pics)

Okay, here are some pictures of Tucker. He's 9 weeks old. It's hard to tell from my craptastic iPhone pictures, but he's black with brown mixed in (vet said brindle) and then he's got the white markings. Foster family said he was chihuahua mix, vet didn't think so. He weighs about 4 pounds (was 2.8 two weeks ago) The gray pup is Milo (Scottie/Yorkie)

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omg !!! Cute overload!! He's brindle for sure (brindle includes the white splash). Judging from his paw size, he might be medium size when he grows up ^^ He's got a smooth coat of a boston terrier. But his ears are floppy. I don't know enough about boston terriers and french bulldogs to tell when their ears stand up. Anyway, He's REALLLY cute!!! :p And his new buddy is cute too :) Congrats
aw, I hope he comes around soon. He's got a big buddy and everything.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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