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Tucker, what type of dog?

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Tucker, what type of dog? (Pics)

Okay, here are some pictures of Tucker. He's 9 weeks old. It's hard to tell from my craptastic iPhone pictures, but he's black with brown mixed in (vet said brindle) and then he's got the white markings. Foster family said he was chihuahua mix, vet didn't think so. He weighs about 4 pounds (was 2.8 two weeks ago) The gray pup is Milo (Scottie/Yorkie)

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Thanks guys! :) I know it really doesn't matter what he is, it's just fun to know. We know what our other two are, I wanna know what this lil guy is too! :)
Thanks, Dragonrain :) He is definitely a thin guy right now! He's eating us out of house and home but with the diarrhea, he's not filling out like we'd like him too. We are making yet another stop at the vet this afternoon (they know my voice when I call! :craazy:) It's been a tough three weeks! We're doing everything we can though. I'd love to see him filling out.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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