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so I picked up two terribly adorable girls that are living in a fairly open critter trail cage.

I know a lot of people take issue with the critter trails and I can see why but this one has more open floor space and it does not have a many plastic tubes that hang down and give them potential to chew on random bad things.

I am consider the idea of getting them....some other space in cage like a wheel and the borrowing room expansion thing.

I think they would like that.

they are awfully cute...they have been sleeping for the most part since they came home....

until I can get them a wheel to run around in...I am going to try to give them time to come out and run in balls when I get home at night.

I am just wondering how often do gerbils sleep? are they like hamster in that, they sleep at lot I have found these two curled up with each other in a hidey place all the time and its totally adorable....

I just want to make sure it something normal and that is not something bad.

lol although I might just be being parnoid..... I had to take my three pet rats to the vet this week and we are taking on of the buns to the vet today as well.

so I am on high alert for keeping an eye on....everyone's health.
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