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Two old dogs

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I have two old dogs. We are having trouble with them doing their buisness in the house. We do not know what to do anymore. Max is 8 and Spuirt is 7. They are Shi-tzu's and are brothers from different litters. Help please, we have had dogs before but never had this problem!! P.s we are also selling our house, we take the dogs with us when people come to see the house. :worry:
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It sounds like there may be a lot of stress going on for the animals in your house.

How often are your dogs taken out to toilet? How often and for how long are they walked every day? Do they have any sort of routine at all?
Yes I try to take them out every hour and a half. They stay out for ten to fifteen minutes maybe longer depending on the weather.
I agree with scheduled routine, also make sure the mess and its scent is totally cleaned in the house, for when they still smell their pee scent, they will more likely to pee on it again..
Hm, 7 and 8 is not at all that old for a small shih tzu. I mean, yes they're old but not to the point of urinating in the house bc of it. I would say it has more to do with routine and the fact that your stuff is ready to move and they are confused. They are probably marking it to remind them (and others) that THEY live there. My dog has been through 4 or 5 moves in his time and each time we had to take him more frequently outside and he peed inside too. It was frustrating but understand how unnerving all this s for a dog. Everything they have is being shifted. Strange people coming into their house, while their not there, may be upsetting. The smells and sounds of a move. The tension from you as you get more and more frustrated.

Trust me here, try a male wrap. Coco has one, he knows how cool they are. they're called Male Restrictive Bands. I use it for Coco's peeing while we're gone. Check a dog store, I found only a couple large chain stores carried them. I was lucky to get mine on sale too :D I buy regular old maxi pads and voila! When he pees he pees on himself (not very sanitary I know) and when we come home we just towel him off -not very often though bc its not that bad- and let him outside in the back. He relieves himself and then proceeds to clean himself :/ Anyway, I'll get you a link from amazon and you can get an idea. :D
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