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Many people think that UGG is a brand, in fact, not a brand UGG, UGG Australia Sheepskin is boots, snow boots in Australia referred to this style. On such as Zhenjiang vinegar, Beijing roast duck, as is the local specialty. UGG brand registration, many of them well-known are the following brands UGG, different brands a little difference:

1) jumbo Australian brand, hand-made in Australia, the Australian sheep
2) sheareas Australia brand, hand-made in Australia, the Australian sheep
3) uggaustralia U. S. registered brand, manufactured in China, the Chinese sheep

Traditional UGG Australia mainly in the hard part, is the production quality. UGG Australia manufacture the raw materials used are very picky. This is because the UGG is sewn by hand, if the material does not require very high, will give a great deal of trouble sewing workers, UGG Australia is basically done and are based on 95% of Australia and the United States Linu sheepskin, and 5 % of suede cow split. And stores in Australia, UGG's packaging is very simple, only plastic bags, labels and instructions for use, so that the traditional UGG Australia will highlight the product.

American brand UGG Australia products, it is representative. The brand's products are very professional fashion. Mainly in the soft part, packaging is more complex, there are boxes, note cards, logos and so on. Channels for a network supporting the main store, each country's UGG Australia home page has several areas of the store, the convenience of buyers to buy.

Overall victory in the U. S. UGG styles, sales, brand, UGG Australia victory in the price, hand. Quality of production with the Australian fur, but processing differ.

UGG can be worn in summer
At first I was very surprised that no matter what the season, why the stars are wearing thick UGG, even if I sweat in the summer...... then I finally understood the true meaning - UGG boots are made with the finest wool, the most peculiar feature of this wool is to let your feet air, cool.

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