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Many people wear UGG boots when special caution because the UGG snow boots care for many people is a problem, there will be even more careful when the slip, so a non-small stained with grease of how to do that? Is it because the little bit of grease to put it away? No, now to tell you this solution to the problem.

A friend said: buy a new UGG snow boots, just hit today, Pork, he did not eat a whole to eat shoes, anger, boots are very sick! Washed with detergent, shoes a bit faded, and grease wash off, who knows what a good way! Help it!

In this case, in fact, have a good solution, wash off and will not worry about color fade caused by upper with a white place. We do not care if you have encountered oil in the following ways things can be handled: UGG snow boots a little crowded inside the shower gel into the hair boots, then go into his hand brushing some, a little dish detergent and then drop out with a damp cloth play a round clean, and finally rinse with plenty of water, then dry naturally ventilated place, and then buy a can of the same color make up a spray of color agents like Ha. Or you do not want to move, you get called, Uncle Tom, the price is generally 20 - 35 dollars..

UGG boots on the traces of oil cleaning method according to the above, I believe can help you perfect reproduction of the beloved UGG true colors, but will recover 90%, so your beloved UGG boots will still be beautiful first, and more UGG cleaning method to the official website of UGG boots come to it.

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