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So, here's a suggestion.. for not only hedgehog owners, but any owner of anything that makes messes and ..poops..

WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!! ..don't just go grab a slice of cheese and call it a day!

I'm 24 years old, and I thought I had acquired enough common sense to keep my self alive at this point, but this is what I have done! :binkie::hehe:

Last night, around 10 pm I realized I forgot to feed the hedgehog (I usually refill food dish around 6 pm)! Izzie was mad, sitting on her wheel.. giving me this "where you been!?" look and generally she can't poop for the night until she's had some food... So I fed her..

Then I went to play with the hamsters, while she munched happily. After she was done munching, she went on her wheel again for fun and to take care of her business.

So I came by after she made a stinky to help clean it up so she wouldn't have to run in it, and thus get a bath the next day.

I ran out of tissue paper AND toilet paper.. so I used paper towels to grab the fudgies from the wheel.. There was one that just wouldn't come.. must have been from hours ago because it was still a bit squishy, but sticky and a lil hard.

I couldn't get it, I didn't feel like getting up to get another paper towel (they dont work well anyway for what I'm doing anyway), so I used my finger nail...

Then I forgot all about.. WASHING MY HANDS! Especially after probably getting feces stuck under my nail. :confused:

Later, when I was watching my shows just before bed, I recall having a piece of Munster cheese...

Then at 3 am I woke up with the most violent.. toilet.. experience that lasted until around 5 am.

I couldn't sleep well and my stomach got me up at 7, 8 and 9am until I finally got myself up!

I think I ate hedgehog poopy!!!!! I am extremely "regular" with my.. movements, so this was definitely an upset stomach from something!

I wash my hands religiously like an OCD person after I handle my critters... But this time I forgot, and *oops* ate a piece of cheese with poopy fingers!! :D

Hopefully my body can take care of things on it's own... if the .. hurty stomach doesn't go away in 24 hours, I might have to see a doctor!:(

So remember to wash your hands regularly, often, and especially after handling your critters. I usually wash them going from critter to critter! I hear that hand sanitizer is not good to keep in a house or apartment, because you will just cause the strains of bacteria and viruses to become immune to the anti bacterial. THis means that you aid the bacteria and stuff in living in your house and with your pets! DON'T EAT POOPY!!!

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I'm usually very good about washing my hands but I have slipped once or twice and never had a problem. May also be your bodies immunity
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